Spirituality is not an organized religion

It is about working with the Divine, the Universe and Mother Earth to help us bring a deeper level of meaning to our lives. When we get grounded we can begin to clear the chatter from our minds and in this stillness, we can get connected to ourselves and with the Universe. 

It is during these moments, when our breath is ever so gentle that we can listen to our Heart Voice, our Truth and such powerful shifts begin to take place. We gain clarity in our vision and we can begin to feel and experience the Shift taking place. It’s all about the “S” word, Baby! Uh, that would be “Surrender!” 

It is in this Surrender, when we get out of that driver’s seat, let go of the control that the magic begins to happen! Um, just a thing about me with that-Surrender is not easy for most of us, and I have certainly experienced the “brick” falling on me for me to “get it!” Then, I remember, “oh, yeah, I am really not in control at all! 

I need to step aside and let the Universe do its thing, then life is sooo much easier!