About Janine


I am an Adult Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

I am also a Board Certified Holistic Nurse and an Art Therapist. 

I have been in practice, as a nurse for almost 35 years. 

However, my deepest passion is that I am an energy healer, an intuitive healer. I came into this world with skills and gifts of being an empath and have developed my abilities over many decades. A true pioneer in Nursing, Florence Nightingale’s tenant was when we create a healthy internal and external environment, our bodies will heal itself. 

I believe we can heal ourselves in so many ways just by giving our body the nutrition/nourishment that it needs, and that is not just in the form of food! We also need to get good sleep, exercise, have a good spiritual relationship and oh, yeah, that stress reduction thing and a healthy dose of being with Nature! I so want to share my gifts with you about empowering yourself with lifestyle choices that bring you a healthy you!  

I am really into life, living and nature! I love the beautiful crystals from the earth and all the energy they offer us for our healing, the yummy smells of essential oils and amazing healing that Reiki and chakra healing offers us. Yes, I am a Reiki Master and love how powerful the metaphysical world is in helping us heal from issues like trauma, addictions, stress-did I say STRESS! Yes, it is true! 

I teach the power of breathing and meditation-both guided and free form are not only empowering, but are catalysts to change and healing! I will teach you how to do meditations and guide you through some amazing experiences!! 

I also read Oracle and Tarot cards which offer us powerful messages from the Divine that can help bring clarity along our journey.