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I am Janine and I have been on a Spiritual Path and have “practiced my practice” for probably a few hundred years now! I am a Spiritual Coach and am all about taking care of ourselves so we have clarity in our lives and have a greater love for ourselves and each other.  I know that sometimes we get lost along our path and experience times that can be beyond challenging. By working with the Universe and Mother Earth we can develop tools to deepen our connection with not only within, but creating miracles along the way. This will help us to heal from our past and ultimately create the life we want! I would love to help you to develop your own gifts to brightly shine your light! How amazing would that be!! 

Shine Bright!! 

With deepest Gratitude~ 


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October 5


Hello Loves! Just a reminder, tonight is a full moon in Aries! Aries is a Fire sign and tonight should be an absolutely beautiful Harvest Moon. If you have crystals, put them out tonight to get them recharged! So, what is this moon about? The moon will be very close to earth tonight. As we enter into Fall, this is a time for us to shed things from our lives that do not serve purpose, to take charge, ignite changes in our lives and to take action to make the shifts in our lives that we desire. There will be obstacles, but we must be able to trust in ourselves and in our abilities. Soon we will have the harvest of our works. 

Shine Bright!!

Good Morning Sweet Souls!

 I am so happy to make an announcement! I will be facilitating a workshop on November 11, 2017! The workshop will be an empowering day of transformation as we work through and heal our old wounds and create a path of where we would like to be in our lives. The workshop will be very experiential in a beautiful setting where we will connect with ourselves, others with us and Nature! Please stay tuned for more information about
A Path of Awakening!
Shine Bright! 

Rise Up Sisters and shine

 Good Morning Sweethearts!! Are you ready? I said, ARE YOU READY!! Really, really ready?! I invite you to Rise Up Sisters and shine, Shine Bright! With all that is happening around us, we need to listen to our inner voices, our hearts our sisters among us and those who have come before us. We are here to make a differnce. We need to begin with our own healing, listening to our voice and the voice of others. It is time to not be complacent with all that is going on, but to become a strong healing force to make a difference within ourself, our communities, and our world. So please stand and move around, move with conviction!! Dance like no one is watching! I dedicate this song to you as you emerge in Rising Up and Shining Bright!! 

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A Path of Awakening


December 30, 2017 

Charlottesville, Virginia


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